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5G Mystery Book Project Half Term homework

Lots of children have asked for the details of the Paper Bag Project, so I have caved in and got it all ready earlier than I anticipated!! Please help your child to read the whole book they have chosen. They will each have a copy of these instructions plus be given a paper bag and the photocopied sheets for the book review - please help them keep it all safe - it is very frustrating (not to mention time consuming and expensive) to have to keep re-copying sheets for children.
Mystery Book Paper Bag Project
Mystery books usually have very interesting stories to tell as well as unique characters to match. So, it is fitting that a mystery book project should also be as unique and interesting as possible.
Project objective : to create an interesting and creative display which will entice another reader to read your chosen book.
Materials: Brown paper bag (provided), pens, pencils, coloured pencils etc, materials to create 3-dimensional props.Photocopied note sheets for the book review.
Project criteria:
  • Project shows your personal best (Effort)
  • Written work is well organised, neat and accurate (Quality)
  • Project design shows thoughtful planning
  • Information on the bag is accurate and colourful
  • Objects in the bag are used effectively in the oral presentation
The outside of the bag will become an original and creatively designed book cover. The front of the bag must include the title of the book and the author’s name. There must also be a colourful illustration depicting a scene or character from the book.
The back of the bag needs an original blurb, written by you, along with the other things you find on the back of books. (look and check it out!)
The sides of the back are left to your own creative genius!
The bag will contain:
  • The filled out report sheets for the book, carefully and accurately written up (hint: write them out in rough first, edit them and then copy them on to the sheets)
  • FIVE 3-D items that should represent a significant event(s), or character(s) or clue(s) that have a connection to your mystery story.
Finally, when you’ve got it all together, you will present it to the class as an oral presentation. This will include a short summary of the book and showing the items and explaining the significance of each item to the story.  
Enjoy reading the book thoroughly, and then undertake the rest of the tasks. I’m confident you will have lots of original ideas and I will be amazed at your creativity.
The work is due in the first week back after half term, so you have a couple of weeks to read the book and then half term to get going on the project.
Final date 6 November (Friday)
I plan to use the oral presentations for the podcasting section of our ICT curriculum work.