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Welcome toSevern Primary SchoolTogether we learn. Together we grow.

Year 5

Planning for Year 5  is at the bottom of this page.
Please click on the link to read!

Please check our Twitter feed for pictures and information about daily activities in the class.

Croeso and welcome to Year 5!
We have a busy year ahead - lots of exciting things are planned.

We have Games(outdoors) on a Tuesday and P.E on a Thursday, so don't forget your kit. Please bring kit to change into - do not wear your kit to school.
Home Reading is now during school lunchtime.
Book club is on Friday afternoons.

Mrs Rider's Maths group:Big Maths will continue as before. Every Friday in Maths, the children take a tests - it is a timed test called 'Beat That!' and each week they try to beat their own best score. This test is to be taken home so that you can help your child each week to improve on the facts they may be struggling with. You may think the questions are quite easy but each test is timed so the children really have to know their facts to complete it correctly in the given time. Have a go yourself!
The second Big Maths we do test is called the 'Clic test' and tests a variety of mathematical operations. This is taken every other Monday. You could also help your child with this so that they can beat their score. Most of the children are very motivated to do well and we have seen lots of pleasing improvement. If you would like more information, please feel free to speak to your child's Maths teacher.

Cyber learning
If you don't have internet access at home, your child can use the school homework club each week. You can also take your child along to the local library where they can use the internet for up to 20 hours a week and it's free! Please check what homework they have and encourage them to complete it. Most homework does not require a computer at all. Books can be borrowed from the library for free as well. 
We are also registered with which is an excellent Maths site. Again each child has their own log in details. They can either just play games on their own or link up with classmates to play against them. Teachers can the access a record of what the children have done. Interestingly, those children who spend time on the website do well in the mental maths tests.

Children are also encouraged to use a blogging website and update their blogs. The blog is on this website.
This website is totally secure - the only people who can access it are children from our school. All comments are monitored by the teachers involved and no comments are posted until they have been approved by the administrators.

You have access to Espresso at home to help with homework tasks. If you have forgotten your password, please see your teacher.

5G & Mrs Rider's Maths group have 'Showbie' accounts set up to help with storing homework tasks. Show your parents how to use it! It saves a lot of photocopying for some tasks!

Finally, all children have an account with  - loads of educational resources are available on this site. 

Thank you for your support. Your support makes all the difference to your child's experience at school. Please feel free to come into school and introduce yourselves.

Here's to a great year!


 Homework- Shakespeare week! Find ten words or phrases that William Shakespeare invented.

We will be taking part in  a 'Virtual Field Trip' to celebrate the Life and Works of William Shakespeare.

We've all gone a bit overboard for Tim Peake and his fantastic space adventures - we have watched the launch and are completing Space Diaries each month. We also participated in the 'Cosmic Classroom'.
5G have seeds from the International Space Station that are growing(hopefully) in the corridor. We are taking part in a global experiment to compare the seeds with seeds we have growing that did not go into space. The thing is, we don't know which are which so we have made some predictions and are anxious to see if we can figure out which may have been the space seeds!!! Watch our Twitter feed for progress!
5G are also taking part in a Space2Earth challenge to get us moving a bit more and out of our cars and computer games and out doing. We recently had a games lesson where we could bring in our bikes and scooters to add to our totals. We have to do 400km EACH before Tim Peake returns. Some of the class have finished it already! Please help your child to use the pedometers given to them by 'Living Streets' to count their steps and convert it to distances.


Picture 1 Storey Arms 2016
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