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Support for Families

Family Information Service


Are you looking for information, help or advice on children’s leisure activities or childcare in Cardiff, but don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place.


The Family Information Service (FIS) provides free advice and information on a wide range of childcare options and activities for children aged 0-20, their families and their carers. This includes information on nurseries, childminders, out of school clubs, playgroups and parent and toddler groups. We also provide help and advice on paying for childcare and working in childcare.

The Index

For Children and Young People with Disabilities or Additional Needs


Is your child 0-18 years with a disability or additional need?

Sign up to The Index to be kept up to date about services, support and activities across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.




The Index is Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan's voluntary register of children and young people with disabilities or additional needs.


The Index aims to provide information to:


  • Families - keeping families up to date with services, support and activities across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.  It also provides a point of contact for families to discuss their needs
  • Professionals - keeping professionals up to date with the needs of children and young people with disabilities or additional needs, in order to plan services and improve access to services and support
  • Organisations - promoting existing services and support


If you would like this information in another format eg, large print, Braille, audio or another language, please contact the Family Information Service.


How to sign up to The Index?


You can sign up to The Index if you are:

  • a parent/carer of a child or young person aged 0-18 years with disabilities or additional needs
  • a professional working with children or young people 0-18 years with disabilities or additional needs


Contact your local Family Information Service or visit their website to complete the registration form.


Cardiff Family Information Service

02920 351700


Vale Family Information Service

01446 704736

Playful Childhoods


The website helps parents, carers and grandparents to give children time, space, support to play at home and in their community.  Highlight and click the link below to go to the website.


Benefits of Play:

Playing has all sorts of benefits for children - better balance, bigger brains, communication skills, concentration, confidence, co-ordination, creativity, imagination and self-esteem.



Click below to download a Welsh Government booklet - How was school today?


Digital Parenting


Internet Safety Information for Parents

Gwybodaeth i Rieni ynglyn â diogelwch arlein


  • Visit the 'ThinkUknow' website to find internet safety advice for parents.


Our children today are growing up in a very different world from the one we grew up in.  Most children these days have regular access to the internet via PCs, games consoles and mobile technologies.  Whilst this instant communication offers fantastic opportunities for learning it is our responsibility as adults to ensure we keep our children safe from any dangers or images that could upset them.


At Severn Primary School, we have a robust e-safety policy  in place to protect pupils and staff and all pupils receive e-safety lessons as part of their curriculum and the children receive assemblies dealing with the issue of e-safety.


We aim is to provide regular presentations to parents about e-safety as well as support if requested.  We also provide e-safety courses working in partnership with Severn Road Adult Community Learning Centre.


Please support us by talking to your child about e-safety issues and monitoring what they are doing online and while using technology.


The resources below are provided by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). Please visit their website to find out more

Moving up: tips from other parents
Is your child moving up to 'big school' in September? 
Encourage independence and be prepared


  • Teach them resilience…You will find the teachers much less involved and definitely less interested in playground disputes etc… ensure that they become responsible for their own timetable and packing their own bag etc, knowing what lessons they have on what day etc. 
  • Print out a pocket sized time table, then they don't have to get their planner out just for the time table.
  • They’ll get loads of information at school about staying safe online, but you will lose a lot of control over their social media habits and they’re likely to know a lot more about it than you. It’s really important to be aware of what they’re doing and set limits on screen time.
  • Be prepared to have virtually no contact with the school. They do this to teach the kids to be responsible for themselves, be supportive (without being seen), let them go! Don’t be over protective they need to find their own way, have plenty of patience during the first half term.
  • Keep talking to your child and always be open.
  • Try and relax and be positive to your child about secondary school , if you show you are anxious they will be.