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Severn Primary SchoolTogether we learn. Together we grow.

Welcome toSevern Primary SchoolTogether we learn. Together we grow.

Who's Who


Meet the staff at Severn Primary School


Headteacher                                 Mr N Wilson

Deputy Headteacher                      Mr A Jones



Teaching Staff

Nursery Staff                                (Bumblebees) Mrs V Whittington & (Caterpillars) Mrs K Parry (Dragonflies) Mrs R Shahzad

Reception Ladybird Teachers          Mrs C Gumbleton & Mrs M Atherton

Reception Butterflies Teacher         Miss S Dando (Early Years Manager)

Year 1 Teachers                            (1G) Miss A Perry & (1R) Mrs C Lawrence

Year 2 Teachers                            (2G) Ms T Griffiths & (2R) Mrs J Chick & Miss K Lawson

Year 3 Teachers                            (3G) Mrs O'Sullivan & (3R) Miss A Trigg

Year 4 Teachers                            (4G) Ms T Meadows & (4R)Mrs S Slater & Miss A Foster

Year 5 Teachers                            (5G) Mrs E Duddridge & (5R) Miss R Culley

Year 6 Teachers                            (6G) Mrs A Waring & (6R) Miss C Willetts

ALNCo                                          Mrs W Bibi


Non Teaching Staff


Nursery                                       Mrs K Kirk, Miss C Tarr, Mrs C Osborne/Mrs S Davies

Reception                                    Ms L Green, Mrs K Begum

Year 1                                         Mrs M Corbin, Miss S Anstice

Year 2                                         Mrs M O'Reilly and Mrs T Ahmad

Key Stage 2                                 Mrs J Supple, Mrs D Caruana & Mrs M Udin

1:1 Support                                 Miss S Spires, Ms H Beavan, Ms N Slee, Ms L Morris, Mrs S Hutchinson, Mrs L Jones, Mrs D Rogers,

                                                  Mrs Z Zaman, Mrs A Ahmed and Mrs L Khalid

HLTA:                                         Mrs J Tuck & Mrs R Saleem

Thrive Co-ordinator &                   Mrs B Davies

Forest School Leader



School Office Staff

Mrs C Parry - Office Manager

Mrs A Phillips

Mrs C Tucker

Mrs K Gunning - Family Engagement Officer & Attendance Co-ordinator.


Severn Care Club


Mrs K Judd - Wrap Around Club Play Leader

Mrs N Parry - After School Club Play Leader


Ms L Morris - Wrap Around Club Play Assistant

Mrs S Hutchinson - After School Club Play Assistant

Responsible Individuals for Severn Care Club - Miss S Dando & Mrs K Gunning


Kitchen Staff


Mrs J Bois - Kitchen Manager

Mrs N Parry - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs K Young - Kitchen Assistant


Estates Manager


Mr C Camilleri